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Name Description Category Type Mood Element
Hand Fan Keeps you cool. Pet Toy Lively
Mud Puddle Fun to stomp in! Pet Decoration Cosy
New Bed A good nights rest. Pet Decoration jovial
Pet Frog Such a cute little pet. Pet Friend Peckish
Pet Slug It's kinda slimy. Pet Friend Enthusiastic
Slime Ball It bounces, happily. Pet Toy Considerate
Small Geyser How refreshing on a warm day. Pet Decoration Dozy
Bonsai Tree Take the utmost care. Pet Decoration Grounded
Bubbling Berries They fizz in your mouth. Pet Food Tired
Cerulean Butterfly One of the rare butterflies. Pet Friend Comfy
Comfy Bed Not a bad nights sleep. Pet Decoration Snug
Small Sapling This sapling is so tiny! Pet Decoration Dismal
Cosy Campfire Lets tell some ghost stories. Pet Decoration Excited
Cute Firefly It whizzes around in glee. Pet Friend Curious
Dusty Chew Toy I guess some pets might like this. Pet Toy Inspired
Empty Bottle Better than a broken bottle. Pet Toy Mischievous
Fiery Cake Aaah it's hot, hot, hot! Pet Food Eager
Fire Corn Mmm delicious, just how you like it. Pet Food Joyful
Fizzy Water It's got a refreshing fizz to it. Pet Food Ravenous
Flaming Doughnut Starts off sweet, then gets hot. Pet Food Interested
Gray Acorns They are a bit too crunchy. Pet Food Confused
Green Pinwheel It spins every so often. Pet Toy Happy
Hot Chew Toy That's a spicy toy! Pet Toy Upbeat
Ice Cubes Get them before they melt. Pet Food Attentive
Light Chew Toy It's incredibly light, like a feather. Pet Toy Cheeky
Lucky Stick You've heard tales of this stick. Pet Toy Visionary
Milky Mushrooms They taste so sweet, weird! Pet Food Relaxed
Mini Fountain Looks great on your desk. Pet Decoration Hungry
Old Bed Probably the worst night's sleep you've had. Pet Decoration Sad Grass
Pet Bird Tweet tweet! Pet Friend Exalted
Pet Rock Forever friends! Pet Friend Impatient
Pet Worm It's all wiggly and... wormy. Pet Friend Calm
Rainbow Butterfly Wow it's so colorful. Pet Friend Distracted
Red Acorns Not as crunchy as gray acorns. Pet Food Nervous
Sea Sponge It soaks up so much water. Pet Toy Thoughtful
Simple Purple Kite You could enjoy this for hours. Pet Toy Playful
Small Balloon The balloon is so small. Pet Toy Scheming
Small Coin Don't spend it by mistake. Pet Toy Perplexed
Small Terrarium You wonder what lives inside. Pet Decoration Somber
Spiky Ball Ouch, it just pricked you! Pet Toy Afraid
Thistle Tea Now that's refreshing. Pet Food Apprehensive
Treasure Map Where does this lead... Pet Toy Creative
Uncomfy Bed Actually, this is the worst night's sleep you've had. Pet Decoration Inquisitive
Unlucky Stick You throw it away, and it comes back. Pet Toy Fidgety
Viridian Pair of Socks New socks are so comfy! Pet Toy Puzzled
Volcano Cookie Now that's a delicious cookie. Pet Food Cheery
Wet Chew Toy Eww... Pet Toy Sleepy
Whistle Makes a fun sound! Pet Toy Ecstatic